Tiger Census: We have a reason to cheer!!    
There is a reason to cheer! Tiger population is gone up by 12% to 1706. If sundarbans are excluded from the comparison as it was not taken in the census in 2008 then the population is actually 1636 which is very encouraging! after all, this has come out only after a real battle(which still continues) with the enormous problem the tiger faces today!

Highlights of Tiger census 2010-11:

• Population estimate of tigers at 1706, up by 295
• Tiger estimate in Shivalik-Gangetic plains: 353, up by 56
• Tiger population estimate in Central and Eastern Ghats: 601
• Tiger population estimate in Western Ghats: 534, up by 132
• Estimate in Brahmaputra flood plains, North-east hills: 148, up by 48
• Tiger population estimate in Sunderbans: 70

Congratulations to all of you!

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Source: Deccan Herald    
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