The Alisagar Deer Park is one of the fascinating parks in India. It is situated in Nizamabad in the state of Andra Pradesh. This Alisagar Deer Park is constructed by Nizam in the year 1931. It is home to several species of Deer. The tourists can witness a wide species of beer in this Deer Park. The various species of deer appear different from each other and have different habitats. It is a picnic spot to the tourist. The rich variety of wildlife in Alisagar Deer Park has been the centre of attraction to the tourists of the entire globe.

The park is decorated with hillocks and flower gardens that increase the scenic beauty of the park and also create a haven for the huge variety of deers that take refuge here in the Alisagar Deer Park, Nizamabad.

Flora and Fauna: The vibrant state of Andra Pradesh is a home to variety of flora and fauna. This state is rich in wildlife and natural beauty. The pleasant climate and the perfect environment of the state make it an ideal place to hold variety of wildlife in the state. The state provide a habitat to a variety of wildlife like the tiger , deer , fox , jackal , wild dog, wild bear etc. While witnessing the Alisagar Deer Park you can find exquisite flower gardens and excellent hillocks.

Major Wildlife Attractions: Alisagar Deer Park as the name implies, the Alisagar Deer Park is very popular because of the presence of various species of deer. This park also accommodates nearly other wildlife species including Tiger, Wild Boar, Panther, Fox, Gaur, Jackal Muntjack, Wild Dog, Sloth Bear, Fishing Cats, the Salt-Water Crocodiles, Langur, Rhesus monkey, Bonnet Monkey, Mandrills, Olive Baboons, Sacred Baboons, Panthers, Tigers, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Wolves, Jackals, Wild Dogs, Hyena, Pythons, Snakes, toname only a few. A varied collection of birds including Grey Pelicans, Rosy Pelicans, Pied Horn Bills, Painted Storks, Peacocks, Ducks, Love Birds, Budgerigars and Cockateels and Hippopotamus are the special attraction at the Alisagar Deer Park.

Best Time to Visit: Alisagar Deer Park is between October to May is considered the best time to visit this place.

How to Get there:
Air: The nearest airport to Nizamabad is the Hyderabad Airport.

Rail: The Nizamabad railway station lies on the Kachiguda-Manmad line to the south of the south central railway.

Road: Nizamabad is well connected with to Karimnagar, Adilabad , Warangal, Nanded ( Maharashtra) and Hyderabad city.
It is 163 km from Hyderabad.

General Info / Tips:
The Alisagar Deer Park region observes tropical type of climate. Maximum temperature shoots upto 45 degree Celsius in summer while the minimum temperature dips down to 18 degree Celsius in winter.

Andhra Pradesh, India

Nearest Access:
Nizamabad (30-kms)

Wildlife Found: Tiger, Lions, Panthers

Coverage Area: