Angling and Fishing

Angling and Fishing

India is the perfect destination for all types of angling and fishing holidays. Among the notable adventure activities offered by India are angling and fishing. The Indian coastline, sprawling over a distance more than 7,500 km long, is washed by some of the clearest and cleanest seas in Asia. Its sheer variety offers unlimited opportunities to the sea angler, who can find somewhere to fish all year round. India is home to several rivers that meander through the vast expanse of the Gangetic Plains. Added to this, many important rivers flow down the peninsular South India. As most of the north Indian rivers originate from the high reaches of the mighty Himalayas. As a result they are snow-fed and are full of water throughout the year. The clear waters of these raging rivers and their tributaries offer excellent angling and fishing spots that are enchanting in their supreme scenic beauty of the mountain, They also offers a variable feeding and breeding ground for a number of different varieties of fish. The adventurous settings for angling and fishing range from the majestic Himalayan valleys, snow-fed streams and high altitude lakes to the wide coastal stretches of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

The Indian water system hosts a diverse system of habitats including a wide variety of fish. Some of the favorite fishing prey here are the Mahseer, trout and shark. The Mahseer’s claim to fame is that it is the hardest fighting species in the world. India is the only breeding ground for it. Nowhere else in the world does this ultimate freshwater fish ever breed. India is home to all four of its varieties. The Golden, the Silver, the Silver Grey and the Black Mahseers are all preys worthy of any fishing aficionados attention.

It causes great excitement while hooking a Mahaseer as the species is known to be a fierce fighter. Weighing more than a hundred pounds, it is also noted for its quicksilver litheness. Angling of the formidable Mahaseer requires strength, determination, skill, practice and speed. Appropriately called the ‘tiger of the water’, it can be angled when they return after breeding to chase the shoals of minnows.

You can also hook the crafty trout or the menacing shark in the rivers and seacoasts of India. Two varieties of trout, namely the rainbow trout and the brown trout, exist in India. You have to always on your guard while angling a trout and prompt use of your intelligence is a must. Fishing and angling in India go hand in hand with conservation, and after having caught your fish, shot your picture and recorded its weight it is best to release it into the water again. The Indian Protection laws rule that conversation of animal life is mandatory with this adventure activity. Anglers from across the world throng to India trout fishing in the rushing waters of the clear water streams and high altitude lakes of the upper Himalayas.

Basic equipments needed for an angling and fishing adventure holiday include hooks, line, rods, spoons, and reel. Adventure tour operators provide excellent tented accommodation facilities amid the beautiful scenic grandeur of the Himalayas and riverbanks of India. Apart from this, forest bungalows or the forest rest houses also serve as a good night’s stay when on an adventure holiday in India.

There are several fresh water lakes, which provide excellent spots for the fishing and angling activities. Dodital Lake surrounded by the Himalayan peaks is a fine place for a catch. The Cauvery Fishing Lodge near Mysore is noted for Mahseer. The hill stations of Munnar make for perfect places for fishing in the gurgling streams of Kerala. However, Kashmir is the undisputed paradise for the angler. Early mornings and late evenings are best times to indulge in this sport. If you want to combine fishing with another adventure sport, you can indulge in trekking. Here you will have the opportunity to fish in some of many high altitude lakes that are located at an altitude of 14,000 ft.

An angling and fishing adventure-holiday in India provides a unique opportunity to remain in close touch with nature and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Those who want to remain in solitude can enjoy the pristine beauty of the riversides and spend hours in quiet contemplation. So it can be said with absolute certainty that if you are looking for the ultimate angling and fishing destination, India is the answer to your search.