Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is a majestic destination for the tourists who love to see nature at its best. Sanctuary is rightly known as the green paradise of India. It is truly a crown in the diverse tradition of wildlife in India. Located near Kumoon Himalayan, the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is a delight to view. Its scenic beauty is something one can never forget in his/her entire lifetime. 

The Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Uttarnchal state of India. It is one of the India’s most famous wildlife sanctuaries. It has one of the richest collections of flora and fauna. It is one of the reservoirs of nature’s endangered species. A good blend of flora and fauna makes this a fascinating place for spending with family and friends. This sanctuary is established in 1986.

Flora and Fauna: Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. The rich vegetation in this locality such as Teak, grevelia, and Eucalyptus makes it one of the most prolific places to visit. There are also many birds, reptiles and many other kinds of animals that make the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary a must visit place for all nature lovers.
The Askot wildlife sanctuary has a great variety of flora and fauna. In fact, there are only a few wildlife sanctuaries in India that has the variety like that of Askot wildlife sanctuary. The major species include turtles, spectacled cobras, deer, gaur, horns, antlers, monkeys and lemurs. The Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is also blessed with bonnet macaques, kraits, darters, vipers, bison, little cormorants, and black eagles. The Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its tiger reserve.

Major Wildlife Attractions: Sanctuary is a house of many wild animals such as Leopard, Black Beer, Spotted Deer, Snow Cock, Kakar, Tahr, Musk Spotted Deer, Chukoras, Pheasant, Serow and a number of species of birds and mant more.

Best Time to Visit: Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is from mid of November to the mid of June. The weather during this time is very pleasant and charming.

How to Get there:
Air: Nearest airport is Naina Sani in Pithoragrah, At a Distance of less than 60 kms.

Rail: Nearest railway station is Tanakpur ,Distance 204 kms.

Road: The Askot wildlife sanctuary is well connected to Tanakpur, Pithoragrah at a distance of 55 kms.

General Info / Tips: The climate in Ambapani Sanctuary is wet due to the proximity of the Bay of Bengal. It receives quite a bit of rainfall during the monsoons, which ranges form mid-June to September.

Uttarakhand, India

Nearest Access:
Pithoragarh (55-kms)

Wildlife Found:
Leopard, Black Beer

Coverage Area: