Indian wildlife is very precious and we are committed to conserving it. But we alone cannot protect this precious wealth. We are educating peoples by various below activities:

  • Conducting Workshops for rural youths as well for the wildlife enthusiasts and members of the village committees, elected representatives of local panchayats, etc., these trained persons shall act as coordinators between authorities and the rural public in planning, protection and Eco-development works.
  • Founded Village Forest Protection Committees to protect the tiger reserve from fire, the meetings are conducted involving the leaders of the surrounding villages.
  • Protection Squads / Patrolling in order to control poaching and smuggling, anti-poaching squads, comprising 5 members in each squad are stationed in sensitive areas.
  • Report on any illegal activity we see or hear in protected wilderness areas to the proper authorities. These illegal activities include pollution, urban encroachments, poaching, timber smuggling, corruption and diversion of forest land for non-wildlife/forest purposes including roads, industry, hotels, temples, mining and so forth.
  • Educating people we meet in wilderness areas about the need to NOT throw garbage in the area, the need to NOT play loud music and make a racket, and the need to NOT smoke cigarettes in fire-risk areas.
  • Helping with equipment like clothes, boots, spotlights, field equipment, etc direct to the wildlife protection staff.