Tree planting is an essential solution to tackle climate change, trees help us to breathe, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen that human beings need to survive. We also know that they play a critical role in managing clouds, wind, humidity, air quality, and rainfall.

Tree planting is quite faster and the best economical solution of controlling climate, pollution and increase the water resources.

Nearly half of the world’s forests have been lost and we’re cutting them down at greater rates each year to plant crops, graze cattle and generate income from timber and other tree products. We need to plant trees over maximum areas of the earth to fulfill the loss, we had in past years.

Wildlife in India requests all of you to donate trees as much as you can. Celebrate festivals, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions by planting and donating trees. You can donate any number of plants/Trees occasionally or without any occasion. We will reward you with a personalized certificate towards your step for a green environment. All your small efforts count and leave a big impact to make the environment greener.