Hundreds of thousands of Indians die every year because they can’t even afford basic medicines. Patients are prescribed more pills and syrups than necessary. Often patients either recover or die before entire sets of medicines get used up. People usually throw the unused medicines after the patient recovers or die, other side many patients cannot even afford a painkiller or antibiotics. There is no system to stop this wastage and redistribute these medicines.

Medicine recycling is still an unexplored concept in India. There are few organized ways to deal with excess medicines. What do you do with bottles of unused medicine? Medication is very expensive and much needed by various people, especially those from low income neighborhoods. Why not donate your unused medicine? As long as it is not expired and it is in its original packaging and properly labeled, you can pass it on.


• Ask your doctor to pass on the medication to his other patients who can’t afford the medicine
• Support the organizations by donating unused medication, walkers and wheelchairs
• Work as a volunteer with some organization and provide medication to the needy
• collects unused medication and can be contacted at +91 950 301 2006
• Check your local state laws on medicine recycling programs

There is a tremendous need to recycle unused medication for the needy. so that unused medication doesn’t go to waste.