D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1976, and was initially called the Lali Wildlife Sanctuary (after Lali Reserve Forest, which was notified as a sanctuary). It was renamed D’Ering in 1986. D’Ering is divided into three ranges – Anchalghat, Sibiamukh and Barghuli, and is administered by the Divisional Forest Officer based at Pasighat.

D’Ering is about 16 km south-east of Pasighat town, headquarters of East Siang district. The nearest airport is Lilabari (Tezpur) and the nearest major railway station is Tezpur. The nearest railhead is at Murkongselek. All these towns are in Assam. An Inner Line Permit is required to enter East Siang. There is no accommodation available at D’Ering. However, there are several hotels and lodges at Pasighat. Visitors must contact the Divisional Forest Officer, D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary Division at Pasighat.

The physiography of the area is “Reverine Plains” and floristic composition is mainly of thatch and grasses. The woodland is represented by scattered patches of trees of Bombax ceiba, Albizia spp., Dillenia indica and Termenelia myriocarpa associated with Saccharam, Upetorium, Arondonex, Noyrandia, Thysumalaana maxima, Chrysepegon, Impereta cylindrica etc. Some species of Hedges like Cyperus spp., Geripus spp., and Timbristysic spp etc also occur.

Mammal species reported from D’Ering are elephant (Elephas maximus), tiger (Panthera tigris), wild pig (Coun alpinus) and hog deer (Axis porcinus). Over 150 bird species have been reported, including endangered birds like the Bengal Florican (Houbaropsis bengalensis) (the most recent estimate is of 18-22 birds) and White-winged Wood Duck (Cairina scultulata). A large number of grassland-dependent bird species such as Swamp Francolin (Francolinus gularis), Jerdon’s Babbler (Chryssoma altirostre) and Black-breasted Parrotbill (Paradoxornis flavirostris) are also found. Other waterbirds found are large numbers of migratory ducks during the winter, and Indian Skimmer (Rhynchops albicollis).

Major Wildlife Attractions: This wildlife was established in 1987 with a purpose of safeguarding crocodiles. A lot Mugger Crocodile dwells in the fresh water. The other wildlife life in the sanctuary includes tiger, panther, langur, sloth bear, wild boar, cheetal, python, nilgai, sambar, etc.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the wildlife is between the months of December to April.

How to Get there:
Road: Pasighat is nearst and connected by Bus and Taxi service to Guwahati and Itanagar.

Rail: The nearest railway station is at Murkongselek.

Air: Pasighat is connected to Itanagar by Pawan Hans Helicopter service.

General Info / Tips:
D’Ering has a tropical climate, and receives rain from the south-west and north-east monsoons. Most of the over 2,000 mm. of annual rainfall falls during the south-west monsoon months from July to September. Temperatures vary from a minimum of 7°C in the cold season to a maximum of over 35°C during the summer.

Visitors may contact the DFO D Ering Memorial WLS Division, Pasighat, East Siang District. (Arunachal Pradesh), India.

Arunanchal Pradesh, India

Nearest Access:
Pasighat (50 kms.)

Wildlife Found:
Tiger, Panther, Python

Coverage Area: