The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala is covered with forests of teak, marshes, bamboo and other grasslands. This Sanctuary is considered to be one of the richest and most extensive forest belts in Peninsular India. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 77 square kilometers. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary stretches over the taluks of Udumpanchola and Thodupuzha in the Idukki district, in Kerala.

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary came into existence in the year 1976. The perfect time to visit the Idukki wildlife sanctuary is during the months of December to April. Elephants are seen in this wildlife park mainly during the dry season. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary has a rich bio diversity, and rich avifauna. This wildlife park is situated very close to the Idukki Arch Dam.

Flora and Fauna:
The terrain at the Idukki wildlife sanctuary is characterized by steep mountains, valleys and hills. The artifical lake that is the Kizhakkilachimala Lake adds to the scenic beauty of this lovely wildlife sanctuary. The vegetation at this wildlife park consists of dense forests that include tropical evergreen forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests, meadows and leaf shedding forests. Some of the commonly sighted trees in the region include white pine, kuntherekkapine, vayana, bhadraksham, pali, cheeni, rosewood and meadows of rolling grass.

Major Wildlife Attractions:
Elephants, bison, sambar deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, wild boar etc are seen here apart from various species of snakes including cobra, viper, kraits and numerous non-poisonous ones. Birds include jungle fowl, myna, laughing thrush, black bulbul, peafowl, woodpecker, kingfisher etc.

Other Attractions:
While on wildlife tours to the Idukki wildlife sanctuary one gets an opportunity to spot various species of snakes such as the cobra, krait and the viper and quite a few non-poisonous ones. This wildlife park is home to a number of birds such as woodpecker, black bulbul, jungle fowl, laughing thrush, myna, kingfisher and peafowl.

Best Time to Visit:
The best Time to visit Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is from December to April.

How to Get there:
Air: The nearest Airport is at Kozhikode, 113 kms.

Rail: Thalassery is the nearest Railway Station, 35 kms.

Road: Idukki can be reached by mortable roads from most parts of Kerala.

kerala, India

Nearest Access:
Thodupuzha (45 Kms.)

Wildlife Found:
Elephant , Tiger, Cobra

Coverage Area: