Indian Tiger Circuit

Indian Tiger Circuit

Tiger is not only the National Animal of India; it is the very essence of Indian wildlife. But poaching and too much killing have threatened its very existence of this magnificent animal, Tiger. With the success of Project Tiger some of the sanctuaries have seen a bright light and Corbett National Park is the biggest example of it, having the highest density of tiger in India.

Famous Tiger Reserves In India

Bandhavgarh National Park: Check out the place where firstly and fore mostly the white Tigers of Rewa were discovered Bandhavgarh. This park is some of the left out preserved wild pockets of Madhya Pradesh of what were once splendid forests that extended across the whole of Central India.

Jim Corbett National Park: Corbett is India’s first and finest national park spread along the banks of the Ramganga River, in the foothills of the Himalayas. A well-protected wild habitat, Corbett provides an unforgettable experience to a nature lover.

Kanha National Park: Ever though what it feels like to visit a tiger country, then visit the state of Madhya Pardesh, check out the wilds of Kanha and see for yourself why this place is called a wild hideout taken straight from the famous “Jungle Book”.

Sundarbans: Come to Sundarbans where adventure awaits you at every corner. Known as the largest estuarine delta in the world, this Tiger land vibrates with countless forms of colorful life.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Best known for its wildlife, is a must-see for all the visitors to Kerala. The Periyar lake lies at the heart of the sanctuary, which is a veritable paradise for all wildlife lovers.

Ranthambore National Park: A nearby attraction of Sawai Madhopur, in the state of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is an outstanding example of Project Tiger’s efforts at conservation in the India.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary: Probably the most visited park in India, Sariska was also a hunting reserve previously just like other national parks in India. The reserve was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958 and came under the “Project Tiger” as a tiger reserve in 1979.