Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary located at the borders of Bihar-Uttar Pradesh at Kaimur District is one of india’s lesser known yet comparatively rich reserve in terms of its flora & fauna. The largest sanctuary in the state, it sprawls over 500 sq km. and was set up in 1982.

The Kaimur Wild Life Sanctuary is located in the District of Kaimur under DFO Shahabad Division. Area of the sanctuary is 1342 sq.km, which is mainly confined to hills and undulating ground. Black bucks, Nilgai, Chinkara, Tiger, Leopard, Hyena, Wild boar, sloth bear etc are the common species found in these forests.

Flora and Fauna:
The reserve comprises of verdant landscape housing apart from the animals & birds, some exotic species of plant life. sheesham teek, saal, jamun, mahua, salai, jheengar, siddha and Koraiya. Overall, a walk through the reserve passes through stretches of deciduous forest, mosaic grassland and swampy marshes.

The fauna at the reserve comprises of antelope, blue bull, black buck Chital, chinkara, leopard, blackbuck, karakal and bijju. A large number of resident and migratory bird species also abounds at Kaimoor. Poaching was also a problem during the earlier years and after much hue and cry from the public and planning from the reserve staff, substantial reduction in the poaching rate were achieved.

Major Wildlife Attractions:
The Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to black bucks, antelope, blue bull, Chital, chinkara, leopard, karakal and bijjuand nilgais. Other wildlife population includes chinkaras, tigers, leopards, hyenas and sloth bears.

A large number of resident and migratory bird species also abounds at Kaimur Wilkdlife Sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit:
Keeping in mind the prevailing weather conditions and the seasoning of migratory birds, the period from
October to March is ideal to visit the reserve.

How to Get there:
Road: The place is well connected by road with major cities.

Rail: Nearest railway stations are Sasaram, Dehri-on-Son, and Bhabhua.

Air: Nearest air port is Patna.

Bihar, India

Nearest Access:

Wildlife Found:
Black Buck, Antelope, Blue Bull, Chital, Chinkara, Leopard, Karakal

Coverage Area: