Awareness and generate interest in animal welfare and conservation issues

Indian wildlife is very precious and we are committed to conserve it. But we alone cannot protect this precious wealth. We are educating peoples by various below activities:

  • Conducting Workshops for rural youths as well for the wildlife enthusiasts and members of the village committees, elected representation of local panchayats etc., these trained persons shall act as coordinators between authorities and rural public in planning, protection and Eco-development works.
  • Founded Village Forest Protection Committees to protect the tiger reserve from fire, the meetings are conducted involving the leaders of the surrounding villages.
  • Protection Squads / Patrolling in order to control poaching and smuggling, anti-poaching squads, comprising 5 members in each squad are stationed in sensitive areas.
  • Report of any illegal activity we see or hear in protected wilderness areas to the proper authorities. These illegal activities include pollution, urban encroachments, poaching, timber smuggling, corruption and diversion of forest land for non-wildlife/forest purposes including roads, industry, hotels, temples, mining and so forth
  • Educating people we meet in wilderness areas about the need to NOT throw garbage in the area, the need to NOT play loud music and make a racket, and the need to NOT smoke cigarettes in fire-risk areas
  • Helping with equipment like clothes, boots, spotlights, field equipment etc direct to the wildlife protection staff.
Raise Communities Initiative

Raise Communities Initiative

Employment has to be provided to the villagers living adjoining to the Sanctuary area in addition to providing fuel wood, fodder and small timber for agriculture implements, so as to relieve the pressure on the forests. The alternative sources to meet the minimum needs of villagers of the surrounding areas are to be made with the following measures.

  • Providing sanitary facilities
  • Providing water facilities
  • Providing solar lamps
  • Providing medical aids
  • Vaccination to local cattle

Give employment to young villagers living adjoining to the sanctuary by educating them and make 10 squads of 04 persons in each squad are essential for effective protection. There is a need for creating of strike force of 04 persons under a leadership of a Range Forest Officer, for quick movement to the spot of illegal activities and to curb such activities. This will even create fear among the smugglers and poachers.


Wild Rescues

Wildlife in India Foundation is working on Environment & Wildlife Conservation. We rescue and treatment of both Wild and domestic animals as per the guidelines of the Forest Department and veterinary Doctors. We also carry out workshops in collaboration with the Forest Department in both rural and urban areas. We also work for spreading awareness in schools and institutions with our presentations, wildlife career program & painting competition.

We are also performing various events, and we have the privilege of initiating the World Sparrow day celebration in Vadodara, every year since 2009 till now. Activities like endangered species awareness programs and bird rescue and rehabilitation program are undertaken by us throughout the year.

Biodiversity Tree Plantation

Biodiversity Tree Plantation

Tree planting is an essential solution to tackle climate change, trees help us to breathe, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen that human beings need to survive. We also know that they play a critical role in managing clouds, wind, humidity, air quality and rainfall.

Tree planting is quite faster and best economical solution of controlling climate, pollution and increase the water resources.

Nearly half of the world’s forests have been lost and we’re cutting them down at greater rates each year to plant crops, graze cattle and generate income from timber and other tree products. We need to plant trees over maximum areas of the earth to fulfill the loss, we had in past years.

Wildlife in India requests all of you to donate trees as much as you can. Celebrate festivals, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions by planting and donating trees. You can donate any number of plants/Trees occasionally or without any occasion. We will reward you with a personalized certificate towards your step for a green environment. All your small efforts count and leave a big impact to make the environment more greener.

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