Pranahita is a prime forest of dry deciduous type.The river Pranahita flows through the sanctuary feeding the forest with water. It is a hilly and undulating forest with patches of grassland and plateau. Situated on the banks of river Pranahita, a tributary of the Godavari, the prehistoric rock formation makes it a more intresting place to visit.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the district of Adilabad, in the scenic landscape of Deccan plateau. The sanctuary covers an area of around 136sq.kms and is covered with deciduous teak forests. The river Pranahita (a tributary of river Godavari) carves its way in to the sanctuary and makes the sanctuary more beautiful.

The sanctuary is very rich in natural vegetation and various types of plants & trees are found here that include pterocarpus marsupium, dalbergia paniculata, dalbergia latifolia, ficus spp, dalbergia sissoo etc.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to various types of species especially mammals that include tigers, leopards, rhesus, langur, hyenas, wild dogs, sloth bear, forest cat and many more.

The sanctuary also shelters a wide array of birds. The common that one can see around are strokes, teals, ducks, herons etc.

Major Wildlife Attractions: Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife found here is the Indian porcupine along with the other animals like nilgai, sloth boar, tiger, leopard, forest cat, langur, rhesus, palm civet, indian otter, wild dogs, hyena & variety of birds including brahminy ducks, teals, strokes & herons.

Best Time to Visit: Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary
The period between Octobers to March is the best time for visiting the sanctuary.

How to Get there:
Road: One can easily travel by road up to Mancherial, which is only 35 kms. from the sanctuary.

Air: One can travel by air till Hyderabad, which is around 300 kms. from the sanctuary.

General Info / Tips:
Accommodation is available at Forest Rest house at Mancherial and Chinnur.

Andhra Pradesh, India

Nearest Access:
Mancherila (35 kms.)

Wildlife Found: 
Tiger, Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, Panther, Python, Crocodile, Star Tortoise

Coverage Area: