Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Tezpur, in the district of Sonitpur, Assam. The sanctuary spreads all the way along the foothills of the Great Himalayan range. The sanctuary covers an area of around 175square.kilometers. It is a prefect place to enjoy the immense beauties of Mother Nature at its best. Along with the scenic view, one can also see a wide range of animals around. The time period between the months of November-March is the ideal time for visiting the sanctuary.

Flora and Fauna:
The place is very rich in natural vegetation cover and comprises of various species of plants & trees that are hard to find somewhere else. The place is a home to various species of animals that are found here. The chief attractions of the place are the elephants and the one-horned rhinoceros. Ina addition, one can also find various other animals like Tiger, leopard, deer, and Indian bison etc. One can also see various types of birds that include both residential as well as the migratory birds.

Major Wildlife Attractions:
This dome plays abode to the elephant, Indian bison, deer and loads of other animals you may want to see. It also houses varieties of hill birds. You can also have a look at the one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, tiger and the other cats in relation.

Best Time to Visit:
The best time to sight The Orang Wildlife Sanctuary is from November to March.

How to Get there:
Air: The closest airport is located at Saloni.

Rail: The closest railway station is situated at Rangapara.

Road: The place is well connected by road to major places.

Assam, India

Nearest Access:

Wildlife Found:
Rhinoceros, Tiger, Leopard, Wild bear

Coverage Area: