You can donate to any organization that is honestly taking initiatives and active in different projects such as conservation, orphanage, wildlife, health, child education, child labor, women empowerment, etc. It is essential to investigate the organization whether it is genuine or not before donating or joining. You can work as a volunteer with the organization under their fundraising campaigns. There are different ways of raising funds, by targeting corporates, schools, colleges, colony, family, and friends.

Always keep in mind that, many a little, make a mickle. Even small-small effort counts and no amount is small.

Organizations often get lost when they have to start planning to raise funds for their projects and programs. But funding may not be immediately available for them to grab it. Help them to raise funds by below efforts:

• Generate funds by organizing some event
• Encourage workplace
• Family functions – make donations at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
• Approach corporates
• Recruit more members and assign responsibilities
• By selling products for NGO’s
• By buying products from NGO’s
• By referring and promoting products to friends and family