Every year, million hectares of forest are shrinking, cutting down, and burned. Saving nature is the only way to save ourselves, but people are taking more from nature than it can provide. Forest help us to make breathe, that’s because forests are “the lungs of the Earth,” absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen that human beings need to survive. We also know that they play a critical role in managing clouds, wind, humidity, air quality and rainfall.

Regardless of their immense value, nearly half of the world’s forests have been lost. We’re cutting them down at greater rates each year to plant crops, graze cattle and generate income from timber and other forest products.

Forests are nature’s water storage, they produce oxygen, and they are essential to maintain the climate. Cutting of forests resulting in greater floods, threats to drinking water, climate change and polluted air.

Always work to ensure a healthy, productive planet for everyone. Because people need nature to thrive.


• Train personnel at various levels for conservation and management of wildlife
• Carry out research project and develop techniques
• Provide information and advice on specific wildlife management problems
• Collaborate with international organizations on wildlife research and training
• Building knowledge base in wildlife science
• Build capacity of forest personnel for conservation and management of wildlife
• Conduct Research Projects on various facets of wildlife and its efficient management
• Build capacity through training, education and research in the field of wildlife conservation
• Aware people about the value of trees, forest and nature
• Try using less paper, every year thousands of forest are shrinking
• Spread the world by social media that protecting forests is vital to human well-being
• Report illegal activities to the concern department
• Stop our forests from disappearing and protect all the parts of nature by any foam of donation
• Plant trees